KNX USB interface

KNX USB Interface is used for communication between PC and KNX system, in order to configure, parameterize and commission the KNX/EIB installation as well as bus monitor using the ETS (ETS3 or later) software.

Cat. no.:UP06102

The KNX USB Interface has not an application program, but it is able to use the ETS to allocate the physical address. The  factory default physical addresses are 15.15.255.
Note — a KNX drive program (UP USB driver for KNX.exe) need to be installed in the PC, or else the interface cannotconnect to the PC.

  • Current consumption <12mA
  • USB voltage: 5V DC
  • Interface: USB standard 2.0
  • Connections: Bus connection terminal (black/red)
  • Single core: 0.2-6.0 mm2
  • Multi core: 0.2-4.0 mm2
  • Temperature Operation -5°C ~45°C
  • Storage -25°C ~55°C
  • Transport -25°C ~70°C
  • PC connection Via USB socket (max.cable=5m)
Datasheet is available in PDF format. You can download it here.