Convenience, simplicity, communication, personality and peace of mind

Automation solutions grant users unparalleled control over every aspect of their homes, delivering simple, intuitive management options for some of the most innovative technologies available today.



Users can check in on their homes from halfway around the world, conjure up your favorite music at the touch of button, adjust lighting with the flick of a finger, and know who’s at the front door before the bell even rings.

UP GROUP ’s signature automation package

maximizes the home’s potential by allowing it to respond to your lifestyle. Through a variety of intelligent individual systems from the best known collection – such as lighting, shutters, heating&cooling, intercoms, cameras, and multi-room audio and video.

UP GROUP places the power of control right at the
homeowner’s fingertips.

Cameras monitor loved ones and protect against intruders. One-touch lighting control sets
the perfect scene for any occasion, while multi-room audio lets users enjoy their favorite
artists inside or outside the home. Cutting edge intercoms make room to room
communication as simple as pressing a button, and mobile access keeps users connected
and in control of their homes regardless of location. UP GROUP gives convenience,
simplicity, communication, personality and peace of mind, all wrapped into one stylish
package of your choice.

Our focus

Planning, programming or only distribute high quality equipment and advanced solutions for businesses and end customers . We advise companies operating in the design, sale and implementation of smart installations, electrical installations, video surveillance systems and security systems.


The Intelligent Installation System offers many opportunities for a perfect living environment. “Peace of mind” home control


Smart House System can be reprogrammed and adapted


We can integrate security camera surveillance, automated doors, entryways, remote access to the whole home system,


You can control your whole home from your living room, your garden or from anyplace in
the world.


system can send an audio/video file to your mobile phone, or e-mail to your computer, of a person ringing your doorbell


Over 300 of the world’s largest companies are members.


The Intelligent Installation System offers individual room
regulation of lighting, heating
and air conditioning,


The Intelligent Installation System controls your home with sensors which control and connect all your home alarm systems